Aloha kakou!

Welcome to the interim website for Hawai’i Peace and Justice (HPJ).

We are a new organization with deep roots in Hawai’i. Originally founded in 1968, the Hawai’i Area Program of the American Friends Service Committee has become Hawai’i Peace and Justice. HPJ also draws on the long tradition of organizing and struggle in Hawai’i for workers’ rights, land and sovereignty, environmental protection and human dignity. We continue the work of growing peace and social justice in Hawai’i through education, organizing and nonviolent action. At the same time we bring in new energy of youth and the power of solidarity to growing a movement for change in Hawai’i.

Hawai’i is at a crossroads historically as well as geographically. Will Hawai’i become “islands of aloha”, in the deepest and truest sense – a kipuka (forest oasis) for growing peace in the Pacific region, a model of social and economic justice and global leader in environmental and economic stewardship? It is up to the people of Hawai’i to dream and realize this future.

Hawai’i Peace and Justice is working to grow an alternative future based on meeting human needs, protecting the environment and preserving culture, self-determination and human rights. And we support grassroots struggles that resist the destructive impacts of war and militarization and unjust social and economic policies.

Join us in growing a movement for peace and justice in Hawai’i and the world!

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