Kunia Group Raises Awareness of Pōhākea Pass


Pōhākea Pass. Photo: Candace Fujikane

Ka Wai Ola OHA published an article “Kunia Group Raises Awareness of Pōhākea Pass” (p.12) about the efforts of Nā Wahine o Kunia to protect the cultural sites and environment of this special part of the Waiʻanae range, including Pōhākea Pass.  Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice has supported these efforts.  Kyle Kajihiro participated in a hike to the summit of Pōhākea Pass, where in the epic legend of Hiʻiakaikapoliopele, Hiʻiaka crosses from Waiʻanae to ʻEwa and sees her sacred ʻOhiʻa groves burning.  He was quoted in the article about the proposed second access road that would threaten these cultural resources.

One of the threats to Pohakea that will increase the encroachment of industrial development in Lualualei is the plan for a second access highway through Lualualei and Pohakea to Kunia. See the Oahu Regional Transportation Plan 2030: http://www.honolulutraffic.com/ORTP_2030.pdf

The second access highway appears in the proposed Wai’anae Sustainable Communities Plan that is currently before the City Council. See the summary of proposed changes: http://honoluludpp.org/Planning/Waianae/Waianae5yr/CM/SummaryofMajorChanges.pdf

It also appears in Department of Hawaiian Home Lands plan. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBUQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fhawaii.gov%2Fdhhl%2Fpublications%2Fregional-plans%2Fo-ahu-regional-plans%2FNanakuli121109.pdf%2F&rct=j&q=lualualei+naval+road%2Fkunia+connector+study&ei=RqceTo7rCerTiAKK1u2YAw&usg=AFQjCNFAvH758e6G2X-YY7mWue4kzwXyPA&sig2=1pJZUpovASOVzZcXifWsLQ&cad=rja

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