Parade honors Martin Luther King Jr.

Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice participated with the Honolulu Friends Meeting in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade and Festival. In addition, a number of groups joined together to put forth a message of “We are the Many” to show that Dr. King would have stood with the various movements struggling for peace and justice. Hawaii News Now included this coverage:

“What do we want? Justice Now. Who are we? We are the many,” chatted labor union members from Unite Here Local 5 who echoed the language of not only Occupy Honolulu protestors but the language of local singer Makana’s protest song titled, “We Are The Many”.

Makana sang his signature song during a pre-rally event at the Magic Island parking lot where marchers gathered. He pumped up participants who say they have Dr. King to thank for giving everyone a stronger voice no matter what their challenge or cause.

Local 5 protested Hyatt Waikiki management; women marched against violence and black men in support of stronger African-American families.

HPJ was featured in a short clip:

“End the wars now,” chanted protestors to beating drums while some held anti-war signs and covered their faces with bandanas.

“Our group in particular is concerned about the issue of peace and we’re here to say that Dr. King would have been very concerned and speaking out unequivocally against the wars,” said Kyle Kajihiro of Hawaii Peace & Justice.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser wrote:

Joe Krueger of Makiki said he came out to watch the parade because it’s a good opportunity to teach his son about unity and brotherhood. He and 7-year-old Isaiah sat on the curb together as diverse groups such as the Hawaii Nurses Association, the Japanese American Citizens League and Hawaii Peace and Justice passed by.


The theme of this year’s parade coordinated by the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition-Hawaii was a King quotation, “Our Lives Begin to End the Day We Become Silent About the Things That Matter,” and several groups were not silent.

Anti-war, anti-torture and anti-violence chants abounded. One sign read, “Would Dr. King approve?” A wide range of religious organizations were also represented.

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