Global Day of Action on Military Spending

April 17, 2012, TAX DAY


United States Post Office, Downtown Honolulu

335 Merchant Street, Honolulu

( “Americans have until April 17 to file their federal tax returns this year, and ironically, according to the Tax Foundation, the average American will have to work from Jan. 1 until exactly that day just to pay his or her share of the taxes that government will absorb this year.”  And do they know that 60% of their tax dollars go to the military?  The next program, Health and Human Services, comes in at a very distant 7%.

Most Americans don’t realize that so much of their tax dollars go to the military.  On April 17th, tax day, we are connecting with people around the United States and around the world calling for reductions in military spending and the transfer of those funds to fight the real threats of poverty, poor health, and the environmental climate crisis.

As part of this campaign, we are organizing an event at the Downtown Post Office where we will have banners and handouts and will engage the people who come to submit their tax returns.  What would they prefer their tax dollars be spent on?

Please join us on April 17 so we can make our voices heard.


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