DocuJam, film about Jeju Island

Hawai’i Peace and Justice invites you to come see Documentary Film Shorts “Jam Docu Gangjeong” at the Honolulu Friends Meeting, 2426 O’ahu Ave., Honolulu, in a free screening, on Sunday, April 29, from 11:45am-12:45pm.

A group of filmmakers created a cluster of shorts that tell the story of the conflict at Gangjeong Village from different perspectives, but also portray the natural unique beauty of the coast of the northernmost semi-tropical island in the world.

When the South Korean government decided to build a naval base on the site of Gangjeong Village, a notice was sent out in 2007 and a quick vote taken (measured by applause) with a turnout out of a few dozen residents, out of a population of over 1000 and the measure approved. When the villagers realized what they had agreed to, they booted the mayor out of office, elected a new mayor who opposed the base and have been struggling against proposed naval construction ever since. In a subsequent vote the same year 724 villagers voted against construction of the naval base. Gangjeong Village has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere reserve, and Jeju island a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Yet this conflict rages on and its fate to become the host to American Aegis missile cruise ships appears inevitable.

After the showing, there will be light refreshments and a discussion.

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