Kanaka Maoli speak on Pu’uloa

DATE: June 19, 2012
TIME: 6:00-8:00pm
LOCATION: Center for Hawaiian Studies, UH Manoa Classroom 202, 2645 Dole Street
COST: free
Kanaka Maoli panelists will present historical, cultural, environmental and social significance of Ke Awa Lau o Pu’uloa (Pearl Harbor) and engage in a dialogue about its past, present and future.
This presentation is sponsored by the Hawaii Council for the Humanities through a grant to Hawaii Peace and Justice. Our presenters, Dr. Jon Osorio, Dr. Leilani Basham, Andre Perez and Koa Luke will tell the “hidden” histories of Pearl Harbor, from the mo’olelo of its ancient past and sacred sites to its present uses. Pearl Harbor is a site of great historical importance to Hawai’i, the U.S. and the world, but the discourse is unbalanced and incomplete. Most people know only of Pearl Harbor and the Japanese attack and World War II. This is an opportunity to unearth its Hawaiian past and open doors for its future.

WHO: 1. Dr. Leilani Basham, assistant professor, West Oahu University – Hawaiian Pacific Studies will share her research regarding old place names and stories.

2. Dr. Jonathan Osorio, professor in Manoa’s Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge will be presenting a Kanaka Maoli historian point of view from a paper he published entitled Memorializing Pu’uloa and Remembering Pearl Harbor.

3. Andre Perez, a Hawaiian cultural practitioner and community activist/organizer. Andre will present work being done at Hanakehau Learning Farm (off shore of Pu’uloa) showing how Hawaiians today can take grassroots approaches to reclaim and restore lands impacted by militarism and industrialization, creating a space where Hawaiians can come to teach, learn and reconnect with the ‘aina and engage in Hawaiian traditions and practices. Andre will explain how these types of efforts are building blocks towards a Hawaiian consciousness of self-determinations and sovereignty.

4. Koa Luke: University of Hawaii Library Science graduate student. Koa will talk about his ohana’s history and experience growing up in Waiawa, an ahupua’a of Ke Awa Lau o Pu’uloa.

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