Deadline: July 11 to post EIS comments to the Marines on plan to bring MV22 Ospreys to Mokapu (Kaneohe)

MV-22 Osprey (vertical take-off and landing aircraft) are sometimes called “flying coffins” because of their atrocious safety records. Former chief analyst Arthur Rex Rivolo testified in June 2009 “…if the engines stop working while in helicopter mode, the aircraft will crash. If the engines stop in the MV22 over a city, that will be a problem, it will crash .. uncontrolled crash wherever it happens to be.” “The airplane won’t do an autorotation, so basically it’s a very serious hole in the safety of the airplane.” The latest crash occurred last week in Florida during a training mission, and two months before that an MV22 Osprey went down in Morocco.  

Up to 24 MV-22 Osprey, 28 Viper Super Cobra Helicopters, 9 UH-1Y Huey Helicopters along with 1,000 active duty personnel, 1,106 dependents, other support personnel and attendant construction companies are planning to come to the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. Now is the time to respond. Although the EIS is closed, a public comment period is open now until July 11. Written comments on the EIS must be postmarked or received online by that date to become part of the official record. We are meeting to discuss how to move on this: Waimanalo Library, June 28 5:00pm on.  ALL ARE WELCOME.

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