Well-being Fundraiser Saturday August 25

Aloha HPJ Friends, Family and Gangjeong Village Supporters!

A “Wellbeing” fundraiser is scheduled for this Saturday, August 25th at the Honolulu Friends Meetinghouse in Manoa (2426 Oahu Ave) from 2-6 PM for Kristin in Jeju and Hawai`i Peace and Justice!

My friend Na Young Song who is a doctoral student of Osteopathy and licensed acupuncturist will be donating her skills for the afternoon in acupuncture, Thai massage, osteopathic manipulation and yoga to help you with your ailments! Donations requested: $30-$100 for each 30 minute treatment according to your ailment. RSVP for a time slot between 2-6 PM that best fits your schedule. Walk-ins can be accommodated (Please call me on Saturday to confirm availability) (310) 880-9950 ). Light refreshments will be served while you wait and I am happy to practice medical qi gong outside the Meetinghouse with anyone who is interested.

I can personally testify to Na Youngʻs skills and strength! From tailbone aches when I was pregnant to stiff-neck-in-the-mornings, to headaches and muscle aches and pains-her treatments are effective!

Thank you Na Young!

Why a fundraiser for Kristin in Jeju and HPJ?
Kristin is a volunteer who has gone as an international witness and peaceful protestor to Jeju Island where a joint US/South Korean naval base is being imposed on the “Island of Peace”. Destruction of the coastline began this past March in preparation for the Base. Village residents, fishermen and women fishing divers have all been denied access to the construction site. Soft coral reef continues to be destroyed, and the endangered red crab has disappeared due to blasting and sediment dumping. Jejuʻs famous tangerine crops are being affected by an unusual blight appearing for the first time- likely due to concrete dust and explosive residues lingering in the air. The EIS conducted was perfunctory and village residents and activists have been harassed, beaten, jailed and threatened with lawsuits for obstructing construction. The South Korean government is promoting the base as an opportunity to boost Jeju’s economy to be “Just Like Hawaii” through the happy marriage of militarism and tourism. This assumes an absence of negative side-effects. And that it is why it is so important to have strong voices for peace from Hawai`i in Jeju to counter the false promises of economic benefits and military priorities without consideration of the impacts on a way of life, value of place, a unique culture and devastation to the environment and regional peace.

It costs $40/day just to house Kristin in Gangjeong Village (not including meals) and I hope we can keep her there as long as possible. We are really grateful for her efforts and if you would like to know more about what she has been doing please contact me.

In the meantime come support the effort and receive your wellbeing treatment this Saturday!

With aloha,

Soo Sun

PS- For articles on the base story: http://truth-out.org/news/item/10987-jeju-island-base-divides-korean-international-green-groups and http://asiapacificifg.wAloha HPJ Friends, Family and Gangjeong Village Supporters!

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