The Candle of Peace. Let us bless one another.

December 9, 2012 from Maren Tirabassi:12.12.23may the light grow stronger x

The Candle of Peace, a confession

God, in all the history of the world, 
this is the second candle —
We will light the candle of peace,
after this conquest,
this independence, interference,
this border-making,

Peace, after this injustice is righted, after this right to oil, trade, wealth is secured,
after this peacekeeping war.

Peace, after this divorce, this childbearing, this caring for parents,
after this graduation, retirement, mortgage, chemo,
after this holiday season

after this decision, this insomnia, this worry,

after this one drink, this small pill.

God, this is the candle we are never willing to light first,
or be the first to light.  Amen

Let us bless one another:
May the spirit of love, of life and peace, continue raising us up and giving us life.
May we continue living life this way. Because this way life has meaning, passion, courage, justice, forgiveness and dignity.
Because another world is possible. Because now is the time to share it, and because, in doing all this,
We can turn the course of history.

12.12.23I want to change the world paint

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