Quick Guide to Benefits of Army Downsizing on Oahu

ENVIRONMENT: The US military controls a quarter of land on Oahu. Military training imposes tremendous environmental burdens on our land and water. Downsizing could significantly reduce this burden.

HOUSING: Housing and cost of Living Allowances for soldiers inflate the cost of housing. Troop reduction will ease this strain on the housing market, and could provide a greater housing stock for local people.

ECONOMICS: The State collects revenue from the military, but it also carries the burden of providing public education and services to thousands of military personnel. Our dependence on the military leaves us vulnerable to deployments. Downsizing is an opportunity to create a more stable and sustainable economy for the people.

HISTORY: The US military committed a grave injustice when it illegally overthrew and occupied the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893. Its continued presence in Hawaii perpetuates this injustice and violence, and makes Hawaii land and people complicit in further acts of American Imperialism.


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