Quaker Proposal to Downsize Army Presence on Oʻahu

January 11, 2015.


Regarding proposals for

downsizing the presence of

the Army on Oʻahu


Aloha Editor,


Let us attempt to bring an end to poverty.


We believe that it is not a coincidence that homelessness increased with the military buildup of the early 1980s, and it has expanded since then as trillions of dollars have been diverted to war.


Let us please reverse this process. We believe it can be done. For the first time, a significant segment of the homeless have successfully been contacted, helped, and housed over the last few years, thanks to adequate funds spent on the national effort to address homeless veterans.


Now, let’s reverse the military buildup, let’s agree to reduce the size of the military, let’s expand the successful homeless-vet program to include all the homeless, and let’s make sure we have adequate funding in place to help those transitioning out of the military as part of the current Army downsizing program.





Renie Lindley, Clerk

Honolulu Friends Meeting

Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers)

2426 Oʻahu Avenue

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96822

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