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Resistance Against Militarization of the Pacific

These words are excerpted from  Kyle Kajihiro’s talk at Church of the Crossroads on October 5th.   “David Malo, a celebrated Native Hawaiian historian wrote these prophetic words in 1837: ‘If a big wave comes in large fishes will come from the dark ocean which you never saw before, and when they see the small […]

Kyle Kajihiro, “Overview of Militarization in the Pacific: Militarization 101”

October 5, 2012, Friday, 6:00-8:00 pm at Church of the Crossroads, 1212 University Ave.  A Watada Lecture Pre-Event.  This presentation lays an important foundation for engaging with the Watada Lecture keynote speaker, Dr. Teresia Teaiwa who is coming November 8-11.  The entire Pacific region is seeing increased militarization.  Come to hear from one of the […]

HPJ Peace Activist Reports on Experience in Jeju

You’re invited to attend a report-back on Sunday, September 30 from 11:45am-12:45pm at the Honolulu Friends Meetinghouse, 2426 O’ahu Avenue, Manoa. An HPJ volunteer lived for three months as an international witness and peaceful protester in Gangjeong Village on Jeju Island. She will share her personal experiences living in the village and joining in the […]

Lessons from the past to Teach the Present — Movement Memories

Join us for events with Claude Marks and Diana Block, activists, archivist and herstorian from the SF Bay Area. They will share information on their life experiences within revolutionary movements. In June 1985, Diana and Claude, their two‐week old son and five companions—all of them active in the struggle for Puerto Rican independence—fled L.A. after […]

Militarized Hawaii, Militarized world

Environmental and Economic Impacts of Militarization in Hawaii, a Panel Discussion (pre-event for the Watada Lecture Series) was held September 7, 2012 at the Church of the Crossroads, with Jim Albertini of Malu Aina, Sparky Rodrigues of Malama Makua and Olelo, Steve Dinion of Pride At Work and Hawaii Labor for Peace, and Henry Curtis […]

Well-being Fundraiser Saturday August 25

Aloha HPJ Friends, Family and Gangjeong Village Supporters! A “Wellbeing” fundraiser is scheduled for this Saturday, August 25th at the Honolulu Friends Meetinghouse in Manoa (2426 Oahu Ave) from 2-6 PM for Kristin in Jeju and Hawai`i Peace and Justice! My friend Na Young Song who is a doctoral student of Osteopathy and licensed acupuncturist […]

Deadline: July 11 to post EIS comments to the Marines on plan to bring MV22 Ospreys to Mokapu (Kaneohe)

MV-22 Osprey (vertical take-off and landing aircraft) are sometimes called “flying coffins” because of their atrocious safety records. Former chief analyst Arthur Rex Rivolo testified in June 2009 “…if the engines stop working while in helicopter mode, the aircraft will crash. If the engines stop in the MV22 over a city, that will be a […]