Growing Solidarity

We strive to be a “kīpuka”, a center that provides support and connectivity for constituencies working for peace and justice, as we foster understanding and solidarity with and between different communities and movements.  As in a healthy ecosystem, the diversity of our community is a source of our movement’s strength and vitality. In recognition of the continuing negative impacts and consequences of the U.S. military presence in the Hawaiian islands, Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice – Na Pua Hoʻāla i ka Pono works to foster solidarity with Kanaka Maoli as well as other peoples’ movements for justice, peace and self-determination, including women, students, religious groups, civil rights groups, ethnic organizations, labor unions, veterans, peace groups, and environmentalists. We strive to be a link between Hawaiʻi and international peace and justice movements.  Many of Hawai’i’s problems are symptomatic of a global disorder; our efforts require that we work in solidarity with other peace and justice movements beyond Hawaiʻi.


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