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RESISTING THE NAVAL BASE ON JEJU ISLAND: Church of the Crossroads, November 29, 6-8pm  Koohan Paik, a Hawai’i-Island-based, Korean-American peace activist, will be speaking about one of the newest (and most impassioned) resistance movements to US militarism – that taking place on the small “island paradise” of Jeju, South Korea.  Paik recently returned from the […]

Kyle Kajihiro, “Overview of Militarization in the Pacific: Militarization 101”

October 5, 2012, Friday, 6:00-8:00 pm at Church of the Crossroads, 1212 University Ave.  A Watada Lecture Pre-Event.  This presentation lays an important foundation for engaging with the Watada Lecture keynote speaker, Dr. Teresia Teaiwa who is coming November 8-11.  The entire Pacific region is seeing increased militarization.  Come to hear from one of the […]

Visualizing Hope in Wai’anae

Hawai’i Peace and Justice is committed to developing youth leaders for making positive social change. Since 2009, we have conducted an environmental justice education program with Wai’anae youth – Ka Makani Kaiāulu o Wai’anae. The program uses popular education methods and hands-on place-based and culture-based learning to develop critical understanding of the social and environmental […]

Kunia Group Raises Awareness of Pōhākea Pass

  Pōhākea Pass. Photo: Candace Fujikane Ka Wai Ola OHA published an article “Kunia Group Raises Awareness of Pōhākea Pass” (p.12) about the efforts of Nā Wahine o Kunia to protect the cultural sites and environment of this special part of the Waiʻanae range, including Pōhākea Pass.  Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice has supported these efforts.  […]